What is biodynamic coffee?

QUESTION: What is biodynamic coffee? I heard it mentioned on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and I am wondering if it’s a real thing or made up. – Richard F

ANSWER: Biodynamic coffee is real! It’s basically like organic coffee, but even even more extreme. Organic farming has its own rules and certifications, and biodynamic farming takes it a bit further.

According to Wikipedia, “Biodynamic agriculture differs from many forms of organic agriculture in its spiritual, mystical, and astrological orientation. It shares a spiritual focus, as well as its view toward improving humanity, with the “nature farming” movement in Japan. Important features include the use of livestock manures to sustain plant growth (recycling of nutrients), maintenance and improvement of soil quality, and the health and well-being of crops and animals. Cover crops, green manures and crop rotations are used extensively and the farms to foster the diversity of plant and animal life, and to enhance the biological cycles and the biological activity of the soil.”

Since biodynamic agriculture is such a small niche, you won’t find nearly as many biodynamic coffee brands and options as you will with regular organic coffee. But there are still several good ones to choose from.

We recently tried out the Deep Valley brand biodynamic coffee pictured above, and it was good. Although it was a medium roast, it had a very earthy and bold flavor.

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