Sttoke Ceramic Coated Steel Coffee Cup Review

stoke ceramic coated steel coffee cup

I recently purchased the 8 oz sized Sttoke (also commonly misspelled as Stoke) coffee cup, after seeing a Facebook ad.

The ad and web site makes it seem as if the cup is made of unbreakable ceramic, but what you actually get is a steel cup with a ceramic coating made by the German coating company Greblon. This is probably better, since steel really is unbreakable. But I was expecting something actually made of ceramic, even though I was wondering at the same time how it would be unbreakable if it was really ceramic.

I chose the 8 oz cup version because I have a Krups coffee maker that only has limited space to place your coffee cup. Taller cups won’t fit. So if you have a high end espresso machine, you’re probably familiar with this scenario where you can’t fit most travel mugs into the machine, so you either have to make the coffee into a cup and then pour that cup into your travel mug, or some other workaround.

stoke coffee cup with espresso machine to show the size

The cup came delivered in a plastic envelope with the boxed cup inside. The box inside was all beat up from being inside the envelope, but the unbreakable steel cup was still in perfect condition.

The cup also comes with a travel lid so you can take the cup with you. It’s one of those standard travel lids that you can slide back part of the lid to take a sip of coffee. It works as well as any other lid of this design, and the lid fits the cup. The cup shape is very well designed so that the bottom part of the mug is small and will fit into any car’s cup holder.

The bottom of the mug also has bit of either rubber or silicone or some kind of plastic that gives it a non-skid surface when you set it down someplace slippery. So for example, if you set the cup on the roof of your car for a minute when you were about to step into the vehicle, it wouldn’t slide right off a slope, or if there was a wind gust. It works very well and was a nicely thought out feature that I don’t think they even mention in the description.

I didn’t buy this as a travel mug, but wanted it as my at home coffee cup. I liked the idea of the ceramic finish not picking up any tastes so I could enjoy only the flavor of my coffee. But more importantly, the cup promises to keep your coffee warmer for longer. I hate lukewarm or cold coffee, and generally have to rush to finish my cup in my regular mug. I was hoping that the Stoke coffee cup would solve this problem.

And indeed, it works great. My coffee stays hot for much longer. It’s a double walled steel cup, like those super popular Yeti mugs that were super popular a few years back. So it insulates the coffee, but doesn’t heat up the cup where you hold it with your hand.

This is currently my favorite new coffee mug, and I’ve been using it daily since I bought it.

I recommend this cup, although I will point out that it’s pretty expensive for just a small steel cup with a ceramic coating. I imagine the additional price gives them enough profit margin to sell the cup with social media ads and that’s why it’s so high and not because it actually costs very much to manufacture.

Still, I’m happy with mine even at the relatively high price, because it keeps my coffee warm and it fits in my machine. Please note that only the 8 oz version would fit my espresso machine, and the 12 oz version would be too tall.

Got questions about the cup? Leave a comment and I’m happy to answer.

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