QuikTrip Gas Station Coffee Review

by Lars Hundley

Lately I’ve been visiting gas stations near me that ranked highly in GasBuddy’s rankings of best gas station coffee by state. Turns out there was a QuikTrip gas station just a mile and a half from my workplace, so I stopped by yesterday after work to buy a coffee. (Some people also refer to it as the QT gas station.)

After seeing Racetrac’s amazing Swiss machines that grind and brew individual cups, I was curious to see what kind of system QuikTrip used. The first thing I learned was that QuikTrip has so many different self serve coffee options that it’s a little bit overwhelming. The photo at the top is just the options for hot brewed coffee. They have different machines for things like lattes.

I went with a small Original coffee, because I had similarly chosen a default plain black coffee option on my Racetrac visit. You can’t hide your coffee quality with plain black coffee like you can by adding a lot of milk and sugar and flavoring, and the point of these reviews is the coffee more than the other coffee drinks.

Other choices were Panamanian, 100 Percent Columbian Excelso, Vienna Roast (a medium / dark roast), and Decaf.

Unlike Racetrac, which grinds and brews your coffee right in front of you when you press the button, QuikTrip brews their coffee in large gallon batches. I took a look at the machines, and they are the very respectable Bunn commercial brewers. Specifically, they are using the Bunn Dual Soft Heat DBC machines with a lower faucet.

The real question for me was whether the coffee would be hot and if it would taste fresh. I was getting my coffee at around 4 p.m. How long had it been there? How often do they change it out and brew more? Do they wait until it’s empty, or do they throw it out after a certain number of hours? These are questions that I’m going to reach out to QuikTrip with to get a better idea of how they brew and store it.

But here’s the good news. The coffee was a correct and very hot temperature, and it tasted fresh. There was no burned taste, and no stale or excessively bitter taste. The Original coffee was high quality, and I enjoyed it plain and black with no sugar or milk added.

A small coffee is about the size of a Starbucks grande, and cost just $1.49 plus sales tax.

If you’re here because you wanted to know about iced coffee or frozen coffee options, then here’s what you’ll find at QuikTrip. The frozen coffee machines are also manufactured by Bunn, and the four options are Frozen Cappuccino, Frozen Hot Chocolate (huh?), Frozen Caramel Latte and Frozen Horchata.

But wait, there are even more options! If you want a milky type of hot coffee, QuikTrip has you covered there too.

The options for hot coffee types of drinks include Vanilla Chai Latte (limited time), Original Hot Chocolate, Hot Chocolate Caramel Sugar Free Cappuccino, Almond Amaretto Cappuccino, French Vanilla Cappuccino, French Vanilla Fat Free Cappuccino, Caramel Macchiato Cappuccino and Mighty Mocha Cappucino.

I should point out that all of these hot drinks are going to be super sweet and sugary (a few are sugar free, but still super sweetened). So if you’re expecting a plain, regular cappuccino or latte from QuikTrip, you aren’t going to find it here.

QT bagged ground coffee
If you like the QT coffee from the gas station, you can also buy the bagged coffee there too and make it at home!
QT coffee prep station
Here’s the QT gas station coffee station, and all your options for sweetening and lightening up your coffee.
QT original blend coffee. “A mild flavorful brew of select Central and South American Arabica beans, always the best coffee in town, guaranteed.”
QT 100% Columbian Excelso coffee. “This medium roast 100% Arabica coffee from the mountains of Columbia delivers the perfect cup. It is at once strong and smooth with a rich aroma, medium body and a sweet finish.”
QT Vienna Roast coffee is a darker option. “A complex crescendo of flavor. A balance of medium-dark roast profiled with a blend of Latin American coffees to add just a touch of brightness.”
QT original decaf coffee. “A great coffee taste sensation without the caffeine from a well-balanced blend of Central and South American Arabica beans.”
QT Kenyan limited time coffee. “Grown in volcanic soil and dark roasted for a full bodied flavor, Kenyan blend is a well-balanced cup with a lingering finish.”

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