11 Amazing Flavors of Nespresso Pods

Nespresso, much like Santa, is a gift that just keeps on giving. 

The Nespresso story may have begun over 30 years ago, but it set the pace. It continues to redefine how millions of people the world over enjoy their coffee.

When you think about coffee, sometimes all you want is perfection. And Nespresso delivers on every avenue. 

Each of their coffee blends sings a tasty tune on the taste buds with their aromatic profile.

Their adverts are a cinematic experience that makes you feel like running to the nearest Nespresso boutiques and throwing your wallet at customer support. The Nespresso capsules are sleek and glamorous as is the coffee maker itself. 

What’s not to respect about this coffee brand?

Today, an incredible 14 billion Nespresso capsules orders are processed annually. Every second, over 400 Nespressos are consumed from a total of 84 countries.

Now that’s true brand intensity.

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An Overview of Nespresso Capsules

Nespresso’s original pods come in a range of 24 different types. Each of them has an individual taste and flavor. 

They vary from the strongest espresso coffee flavors to choices for people who want the pleasure of drinking coffee without a hint of caffeine in it. 

Intenso, for instance, was built around the popular Livanto espresso product range in 2016. It serves a very intense espresso. It also has special flavors for people looking for more adventurous coffee experiences.

Each Nespresso capsule has a “flavor story”. The different pods form what the brand referred to as “collections”. In general, they are classified as follows:

  • Espresso Capsules
    The espresso collection by Nespresso has seven pods. Each of them carries blended coffee with a variety of strengths. They are considered the most traditional, superior-quality coffee enjoyed by “hardcore” java drinkers.

  • Pure Origine Capsules
    These are also espresso capsules, but it is limited to only three pods. All the coffee from this collection originally comes from one location.

  • Lungo Capsules
    Lungo was designed for “longer” drinks. People use them to make tall coffees. Or coffees that would need twice the amount of water needed for regular espressos.

  • Decaffeinato Capsules
    Decaffeinatos are available in three specialist decaf options. Each of them presents different levels of taste intensity.
Nespresso USA Intensity 5 cup size orders

What Is the Most Popular Nespresso Capsule?

The crown goes to the fields of Brazil and Guatemala. One of the most adored Nespresso capsules in the coffee market is Ristretto.

Nespresso further groups the capsules into six different categories. They are grouped by intensity. Let’s take a look at the range from the strongest to the least intense as follows:


This creamy blend of two Robustas is treasured for its smooth, refined taste. It is also quite versatile.

Ristrettos are the best capsules for yummy lattes and cappuccinos. But they are also excellent for those who like their coffee black. The Nespresso Original Line pods, which fall under the espresso range, provide a 1.35 oz serving of a regular espresso cup.

Ristretto cup size orders


Are you looking for a woody, gutsy and powerful espresso? Say hello to Kazaar. These capsules pack quite the punch.

This full-bodied Ristretto has an intensity level of 12 and rich roasted notes. Its dense, creamy texture balances out its powerful bitterness. It also features clever notes of pepper.

different cup size orders


Ever wondered what liquid cocoa or 90% dark chocolate tastes like? Have a sip of Arpeggio.

Although not as strong as its predecessor Kazaar, it still delivers in terms of strength. It is quite a full-bodied blend.

Arpeggio is created through long roasting. The blend comes from Central and South American Arabica coffee. The result is an intense and well-developed bouquet.

Arpeggio cup size orders Nespresso USA Intensity 5


Cosi encapsulates an aromatic marriage between two Arabicas. Both of them are delicately and mildly toasted. The coffee hails from East Africa and Central and South America. It brings a balanced, cereal fruity tone to the table.

The sweet-toned, slightly syrupy mouthfeel from Cosi makes it great for milky coffees. One example being macchiatos. Its taste might fade if used with three parts milk to one pod, so smaller cups are advised. 

Cosi is seen as Nespresso’s mildest capsule but it sets itself apart from other brands’ light blends. Although it is a mild coffee, it retains its subtle citrus texture and does not suffer from dilution.

Cosi cup size orders


Sometimes you just want a moderate cup of coffee. Rosabaya delivers.

It is an excellent coffee blend of Colombian Arabicas. The beans are handpicked and painstakingly prepared through the wet method.

Rosabaya is both balanced and fruity. With a soft base, it deploys delightful winery and red fruit jam flavors.

capsules Nespresso 1.35 oz orders

Fortissio Lungo

Fortissio Lungo is for the person who wants just a little more than a shot of rejuvenating espresso.

These coffee capsules deliver smooth textured richness. All this against a backdrop of moderate intensity. They have a compelling aroma. Its expression is a lovely combination of sweet cereal and toasted malt.

Fortissio Lungo

Linizio Lungo

Linizio Lungo coffee capsules come from a pure South American Arabica. These well-rounded blends are split-roasted to produce their malty, cereal, Bourbon notes. 

Linizio Lungo is a great choice for someone looking for low to medium intensity per cup size. Each capsule can produce a large and satisfying 100ml coffee cup.

Nespresso pod Nespresso original

What Coffee Pods Are Compatible With Nespresso?

Beyond the capsules, the Nespresso coffee machines are quite popular. Home coffee lovers in the United States and beyond love them for two main reasons:

  • They brew coffee fairly quickly.
  • They deliver extremely tasty and aromatic end products. 

Officially branded Nespresso pods can be bought online. They are also available in any of their 810 boutiques across the world. But their rising popularity has led to the creation of other high-quality Nespresso compatible capsules.

Our list is by no means exhaustive. But here are four top-rated compatible brands out there:


The Gourmesso brand conquered the European market. Then they reeled in happy customers from the US. Their secret? Fairtrade practices and excellent quality coffee beans grown on eco-friendly soil.

Their product does not command too much of a pricey penny either. 

Gourmesso’s top-rated coffee beans result in blends as amazing as Nespresso’s offering. They also supply easy-to-use disposable capsules. They have a range that includes:

  • 9 flavors
  • 5 teas
  • 2 decaf coffees
  • 9 espressos, and 
  • 6 lungo variants

The Gourmesso capsules work with OriginalLine Nespresso machines. They will not, however, work on the VertuoLine Nespresso machine. 

The company creates compostable capsules with respect to the environment. They are definitely one to look out for.

compostable pods nespresso

Peet’s Coffee Espresso Capsules

Peet’s signature dark espresso promises an immersive and sophisticated drinking experience.

Their capsules are hermetically sealed. This is meant to seal in all the coffee’s aroma to provide you with a more intense espresso sensation. They also promise a smooth, thick, and creamy foam. 

Peet’s have been lauded for a stable brewing process. The capsules deliver a more precise and consistent interaction with mainstream Nespresso machines. 

Peet’s dark, rich espressos come in four ranges. These include:

  • Ristretto
  • Nerissimo
  • Ricchezza, and
  • Crema Scura

Peet’s teamed up with g2 revolution® to make it easier for customers to recycle their capsules. This is a deliberate move by them to divert waste from landfills.

Peet’s Coffee releases Nespresso

Starbucks by Nespresso

It was inevitable that these two giant brands would eventually team-up. Together, they created a range of six unique pods. This is another win for java drinking diversity!

The Starbucks Nespresso capsules are 100% Arabica from Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Reviewers have sworn time and again that they taste as rich and as perfect as the original Starbucks.

The product range includes expert coffee blends and pure origin coffee varieties. They include:

  • The House Blend
  • The Espresso Roast
  • The Single Origin Sumatra
  • Decaf Espresso 

Starbucks by Nespresso capsules guarantee freshness. That’s all thanks to the aluminum used to make them. The company also sources coffee beans grown under environmentally conscious methods.

capsules nespresso

Lavazza Espresso Capsules

Lavazza is a brand that has earned the respect of baristas and coffee makers all over the world.

They produce very high-quality coffees. Their blends have been labeled as innovative, velvety, and noble. 

Lavazza uses a special Aroma Safe technology to maintain the flavor quality. Their capsules are further sealed in with foil. That’s to prevent punctuation and to keep the coffee 100% fresh. 

The product range includes:

  • Avvolgente
  • Colombia
  • Ristretto
  • Delicato
  • Decaffeinato Ricco
  • Armonico
  • Deciso
  • Vigoroso
  • Leggero

The Lavazza capsules are incompatible with Nespresso Vertuo machines.

Lavazza capsules

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