Mr. Coffee Won’t Brew: 5 Easy Solutions to Fix it

mr coffee machine

So your Mr. Coffee maker won’t brew and you’re trying to figure out what’s wrong so you can make some coffee? Here are the top solutions.

PROBLEM: The Brew button or the On light doesn’t light up.

SOLUTION: Please check that your coffee maker is actually plugged in. If that doesn’t work, plug something else into that plug and make sure the plug is working.

PROBLEM: The coffee won’t brew.

SOLUTION: 1. Check to make sure the machine has power and that it is plugged in.
2. Is there water in the reservoir? You can’t make coffee without water!
3. Do you have the filter basket all the way in so that it fits right? The machine won’t run unless it thinks the filter basket is in correctly. There’s only one correct way for it to fit, so keep trying!
3. The coffee pot isn’t all the way in place on the warming plate. The machine has to know that there’s a pot there, so make sure it’s all the way in.

PROBLEM: My Mr. Coffee only brews water and not coffee!

SOLUTION: Open up the top of the coffee maker. Is the filter basket all the way in place? Do you have a paper filter in it, or a permanent filter? Did you also put ground coffee into the filter? All of these things need to happen.

PROBLEM: My Mr. Coffee maker brews way too slowly.

SOLUTION: A coffee maker can get bogged down if the minerals start to clog the machine from all the water that has run through it. You need to occasionally run the cleaning program to descale (remove the minerals) from the machine so the water can flow through faster. Basically, you just run a bunch of vinegar through the machine. It doesn’t take very long.

PROBLEM: My Mr. Coffee machine is overflowing at the top and nothing is going into the coffee pot.

SOLUTION: 1. You don’t have the filter basket in place correctly. There is only one way it fits correctly. Any other way and it won’t brew, or it will overflow. Keep playing with it and you’ll suddenly see that it fits right in place like a puzzle piece, and then it should brew.
2. The coffee pot isn’t all the way on the warming plate. The coffee machine won’t let the coffee brew correctly if it thinks there’s no pot sitting there, so push it all the way in.
3. You put in way too much ground coffee into the filter and it’s overflowing. If you did that, then you need to pull the filter out and throw it away and try again with less coffee. Here’s how much.
4. You took away the coffee pot while it was brewing and didn’t put it back after 30 seconds and the machine freaked out. Unfortunately, now you have to start over. Unplug the machine. Pour out the coffee. Throw out the filter. Now make coffee again and let the machine finish.

Need help with your specific Mr. Coffee machine? Here is where you can find all of the owner’s manuals for each model of coffee maker.

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