Fabula Coffee: The Very Best Clean, Organic, Single Origin Decaf Coffee?

by Lars H

Fabula decaf coffee bag and the whole beans in a hopper
Here’s what the Fabula decaf clean coffee package and whole beans looks like.

If you’re looking for decaf coffee, your choices can be limited. Add in clean (tested for mycotoxins and pesticides), organic, Swiss Water Process and single origin, and you’re unlikely to find one type of coffee that has all of these things. At least that’s what I thought until I ran into Fabula coffee.

My previous favorite decaf coffee came from Kauai Coffee. It is a very tasty coffee, but it is not organic, unfortunately. So I decided to give Fabula decaf a try. I was surprised to find that I like it just as much. In fact, it has become my new favorite, and is the current brand that goes through my dedicated decaf super automatic GE Profile machine.

It’s described as a medium roast, but I’d really call it more of a medium / dark. You can see in the photos that the beans have a little bit of oil to them, which typically indicates a longer roast.

Fabula decaf coffee has a lot of chocolate notes, which is a coffee preference for me. It is not too fruity or sour tasting, which I don’t prefer. So it’s a more traditional type of coffee taste profile, I’d say.

Let’s go over the benefits of each of the listed specs of the Fabula.

1. It’s Decaffeinated.

  • Decaf coffee is a good choice for people who tend to be sensitive to some of the negative side effects from caffeine, such as jitters, anxiety, or difficulty sleeping.
  • You can drink decaf coffee any time of day, without worrying that it’s going to keep you up all night, or that you’re giving yourself a caffeine addiction.

2. It’s Organic.

  • Organic coffee is grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, which can be harmful to the environment and to the people who handle them.
  • Organic farming practices can help to preserve soil health and fertility, leading to more sustainable and long-term production.
  • Some studies have suggested that organic coffee may have higher levels of antioxidants and phytonutrients compared to conventionally grown coffee.

3. It’s Single Origin

  • Single origin coffee is coffee that comes from a specific region or country, rather than being a blend of beans from multiple sources. Single origin coffee can offer a unique flavor profile that is characteristic of the specific region where it was grown.
  • Mexican coffee (where this Fabula decaf is sourced) is known for its balanced, chocolatey flavor and medium to full body. It can have notes of nuts, caramel, and citrus, depending on the specific region and variety of bean.

4. It’s Low Acid

  • Low acid coffee may be a good option for people who experience heartburn or acid reflux after drinking regular coffee.
  • Low acid coffee may have a smoother, less bitter taste than regular coffee, making it more taste better.

5. It’s Medium Roast.

  • Medium roast coffee tends to have a balanced, smooth flavor with a moderate level of acidity and a full body.
  • Some people may prefer the flavor of medium roast coffee, as it can be less bitter and more approachable than dark roast coffee.

I purchased this Fabula decaf from their site at full retail price. I have never spoken to anyone from Fabula or had any contact from the company, other than order confirmation emails.

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