I Tasted All the Dunkin Refresher Flavors – Here’s What I Thought

7 of 9 total Dunkin Refreshers in a group

by Lars H

If the weather is hot, I typically prefer an iced coffee. But I noticed these Dunkin Refreshers the other day and decided to try them all to see what they were like and review them for the site. Here’s what happened.

First of all, they thought it was a little weird when I asked for one of each Refresher. I thought I was ordering just three drinks, because there are three different flavor options: Mango Pineapple, Strawberry Dragonfruit and Raspberry Watermelon.

But guess what. Then he asked, “Do you want the green tea Refresher or the lemonade Refresher?” Now we were up to six drinks. Each small drink is $3.69, so now we’re at more than $22. But hey, I’m doing this for you guys and you’re all worth it, right? Right? You’d better be.

I agree to the six different drinks and he starts to ring it up and then he says, “Hey, what about coconut? There’s also coconut Refreshers.”

Unfortunately, as much as I care about you guys, I had to draw the line somewhere, and nine drinks at once was too much. I decided I’d just have ONE of the coconut flavors, because that would be enough to get an idea of what the coconut ones were like compared to green tea and lemonade.

Dunkin' Refreshers on the menu display

So let’s get specific here. The calories and sugar are different for all three varieties of Dunkin Refresher.

If you’re just getting a regular old Dunkin Refresher, that kind is made with green tea and B vitamins. A small has 80 calories, 19 grams of sugar and 66mg of caffeine.

If you get a lemonade Dunkin Refresher, a small has 160 calories (that’s twice as many!), and 38 grams of sugar. I am assuming no caffeine because I couldn’t find that on the nutrition label.

If you get a coconut Dunkin Refresher, a small has 120 calories and 20 grams of sugar, and no information about caffeine again.

Do the coconut and lemonade Refreshers have the b vitamins too? It is unclear, but I would guess maybe yes?

Mango Pineapple Dunkin’ Refreshers

At twice the calories and twice the sugar, the lemonade Mango Pineapple Refresher was significantly sweeter tasting, with a good lemonade twang to it. Very tasty. The standard green tea Refresher was also good, but the green tea taste had neither the sweetness or the sour of the lemonade. You did get a good flavor of both pineapple and mango with both drinks, but the lemonade stood out amount the other fruits more than the green tea did in that version.

So if you’re looking for lower key flavors and fewer calories, go for the traditional green tea Refresher. If you want lots of flavor and sugar doesn’t matter to you because this is a treat, dang it, then choose the lemonade.

Strawberry Dragonfruit Dunkin’ Refreshers

Once again, the lemonade version is sweeter and tangier than the green tea version. So choose between these based on if you want the extra sweetness and calories from the lemonade version, or the lower calories and more subtle flavors from the green tea version. I personally found these almost as good as the Mango Pineapple, but not quite.

Raspberry Watermelon Dunkin’ Refreshers

Next, I tried the Raspberry Watermelon group of Dunkin’ Refreshers. And finally, we get to a coconut Refresher! As you recall, buying one of every single option suddenly got to be very expensive, so I decided to only try the coconut in one flavor and this is the one they gave me. Raspberry Watermelon was a flavor that I would have expected to like more, but I surprisingly liked less than the other two flavors. The lemonade Raspberry Watermelon Refresher was pretty good, but the green tea version really tasted flavorless to me in comparison to the other green tea options, which are already more subdued.

But what about the coconut Refresher? Turns out, these are good! Specifically, the fat content from the coconut milk makes it taste creamier and richer. So you don’t get the tang and same level of sweetness as the lemonade version, but you do get the nice creaminess that is not overpoweringly like coconut, and went quite well with the raspberry and watermelon flavors.

The bad news about the coconut Refreshers is that they are the highest calorie choice of all. But if you don’t care about the calories, and you prefer the creamy mouthfeel to the tangy sweetness of the lemonade Refresher or the subtle green tea flavor to that version, then you should go for that one.

What’s your favorite refresher, and why? Curious to hear what anyone else thinks.

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