Doppio vs. Solo Espresso – All You Need To Know

Doppio pouring from automatic espresso machine
This espresso machine is making a doppio

Several factors are essential when brewing espresso. Some of them include the amount of ground coffee added, brewing time, and the water volume passed, thus resulting in the various espresso shots available. Solo and doppio are pretty common types of espresso shots. 

Usually, when visiting a coffee shop, there is the choice of a solo or doppio espresso, so knowing the distinguishing features is necessary. This article will discuss both the solo and doppio espresso and highlight their differences, so you will know just which one to order when asked in a coffee shop. 

Solo Explained

Solo translates as single, so the drink is a single shot from an espresso machine. You will get about thirty milliliters from the coffee grounds weighing seven grams with a single shot of espresso.

You can also get it from a double espresso by separating it using the two spout portafilter, so each shot stands alone. Sometimes, the quantity of your coffee can increase to nine grams, even though the liquid ounce remains the same.

Doppio Explained

Most individuals will be familiar with doppio since it is commonly sold in shops. The word doppio translates to a double shot since it is twice the single shot of espresso. Brewing involves fourteen grams of ground coffee and sixty milliliters of water. 

In most countries, the standard serving being sold is a double shot, and it is usually done using an espresso machine with a dual coffee filter. As a result of its popularity globally, most espresso machines today are designed to have a double coffee filter to brew the double espresso shot. Another name for this drink is the standard double or double shot. Some people will also refer to it as a double espresso. So, if you come across any of these terms, just know they are referring to the doppio shot.

Differences Between Solo And Doppio

Now, this is the exciting part. The single espresso and double espresso are different in specific ways, each with its peculiarities, so telling these espresso shots apart is not entirely complicated. Here are some distinguishing factors that you can use to tell the differences between a double shot and the single shot of espresso.

Coffee quantity

This is arguably the key thing that differentiates the double espresso from the single shot. In fact, the quantity of the coffee grounds contributes primarily to defining them. The level of coffee contained in each espresso drink contributes mainly to its taste, appearance, and caffeine strength. For a solo shot, about seven to ten grams of ground coffee would be required. 

Doppio, however, would double this quantity; therefore, fourteen to eighteen grams of coffee powder would be just enough. 

Caffeine strength

Both shots of espresso contain caffeine but not in the same quantity as the amount of coffee in each one differs. A single espresso shot usually contains 30-60mg, while the caffeine content in double shots would be between 60-120mg. 

The caffeine content of each of them is dependent on how much coffee is used in brewing. Since twice as much coffee is present in doppio, its caffeine strength is higher. 

Liquid volume

Water is a primary ingredient in making these drinks. However, the liquid level in each one differs, making them distinct in this regard. The single-shot has one ounce, 30ml, while doppio contains about 60ml of water. Their liquid content also influences thickness, color, and taste. 

Brewing time 

In the brewing of any coffee type, time spent on the process is vital as it influences the taste and appearance of the drink. About twenty to thirty seconds are spent brewing a single espresso once the pump starts. 

Since the regular solo takes twenty seconds, the double standard would require more time as your actions have to be carried out twice. The brewing process of the two is also slightly different as doppio requires more water to make. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Doppio And Solo Espresso Shots

Which is Stronger; Doppio or Solo?

The doppio espresso shot is stronger since it has more caffeine due to the level of coffee grind used in brewing. It usually is from fourteen to eighteen milligrams which is double that of a solo espresso.

Since the coffee content is much, doppio is often more concentrated and thicker, making it stronger. 

How Many Doppio Shots Can one Take? 

There is no exact figure for this as it is based on your body system and what it is familiar with. Certain individuals can take several doppios without issues, while others are not comfortable with even one. You can take as many shots as your body can handle. However, be mindful of your caffeine intake. 

Are Single And Double Shots Similar In Any Way?

Although they are different, they also share certain similarities. Both are brewed from smoothly processed coffee seeds that have undergone the same roasting condition. In addition, they are likely to taste the same and possess similar flavors since they are made from the same ingredient. You would also need a finely processed grind to make both drinks. Both drinks are also great for relaxing with or hanging out with. And finally, both of them are made with an espresso machine.

Is Doppio two Espresso Shots?

Two solo shots make up a double shot, so yes, classifying doppio as two shots of espresso would not be wrong. You can also separate a doppio into two to form a regular espresso.  

Which is better, Solo or Doppio?

It depends on your choice and mood, as numerous coffee lovers love them both. It is, however, essential to note that the double shots are the most commonly pulled espresso shot. As a result, they are the standard shot at most coffee shops.

Final Words

Brewing time, liquid volume, and coffee quantity separate a solo espresso from a doppio. However, both are sweet beverages to be enjoyed in homes, offices, and public spaces. Whichever you choose to order is based on your preferences. 

If you want your coffee thick or need an urgent caffeine refill, try the standard double. If you prefer a lighter beverage or have to be somewhere urgently, a single shot of espresso is your best bet.

Now that you know the difference between a single espresso shot and a double shot, you won’t be confused when asked “solo or doppio?” on your next visit to any coffee shop. 

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