Coffee Scoop Size in Tablespoons or Teaspoons: Measuring Coffee Correctly

coffee scoop with tablespoon and teaspoon for comparison

What’s the size of a coffee scoop and how does that compare to a tablespoon? When you’re measuring coffee for your coffee maker, do you need to measure an exact tablespoon or can you just use the big “tablespoon” sized spoon in your kitchen drawer? Should it be a heaping spoon full?

As you can see, there are lots of potential questions when you’re measuring out ground coffee into your coffee maker. Let’s go over it all and explain how it works, so you can make coffee that isn’t too weak or too strong.

What size is a coffee scoop?

A coffee scoop holds two tablespoons of ground coffee. So if you have lost your coffee scoop, you can just use a traditional tablespoon measure and add 2 tablespoons in the place of one coffee scoop.

Another way to measure a coffee scoop is in cups. A coffee scoop contains 1/8 of a cup. This means that a tablespoon is 1/16 of a cup, and that’s why it takes 2 tablespoons to equal 1/8 of a cup.

We know a coffee scoop holds 1/8 of a cup. How much is 1/8 of a cup in ounces? The answer is 1 fluid ounce or .125 cups. In metrics a coffee scoop is 30 ml, which you can see in the photo of the standard coffee scoop at the top of the page.

If you don’t have a measuring spoon to know exactly how much a tablespoon is, you can estimate it with the big dinner spoon from your kitchen drawer, which is also often called a tablespoon. Different manufacturers make these in varying sizes, so it won’t be exact. But it will get you fairly close.

How many teaspoons is a coffee scoop?

We’ve already seen that a coffee scoop is the same as 2 tablespoons. It takes 3 teaspoons to make one tablespoon. This means that 1 coffee scoop is the equivalent of 6 teaspoons.

If you don’t have a measuring spoon that is exactly a teaspoon, you can estimate it with your regular sized spoon that you use at the dinner table (not the big one).

a standard cup of coffee is generally six ounces on most coffee packages

How many cups from a coffee scoop?

Each coffee scoop is intended to make a single cup of coffee. But how big is the cup of coffee that they mean when they say “a cup of coffee?” A cup of coffee is supposed to be 6 ounces, as you can see from this photo above that is a bag of Trader Joe coffee beans. You’ll see that Trader Joe also confirms 2 tablespoons (which you’ll remember is the same as one standard coffee scoop) makes a single 6 ounce cup of coffee.

Although bags often say 6 ounce cup, Mr Coffee maker and and OXO coffee makers say there are 5 ounces in a cup of coffee from their machines.

How can I measure coffee without a scoop?

If you don’t have a standard coffee scoop, you can get the exact amount by using 2 measuring tablespoons or 6 measuring teaspoons for each coffee scoop. If you don’t have accurate measuring teaspoons or tablespoons, you can estimate with a regular teaspoon or tablespoon that you use at the dinner table and it will probably be close enough. Worst case scenario, the coffee is just a tad stronger or weaker if your regular spoons aren’t very accurate.

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