20 Coffee Drinks for People Who Don’t Love Coffee

vietnamese coffee

By Matt Gibson

If you are not a fan of coffee drinks, there is no reason to try every drink on this list, but if you’ve only ever had a cup of regular drip coffee from a machine, or perhaps coffee and espresso or cappuccino, there’s a good chance that you may find a coffee drink on this list that is more agreeable to your taste.

At the least, give this list a scan and see if there are a few drinks on it that you would like to try just to see if you like them. You can find most of these options at any coffee bar. Lots of delicious choices here!

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Why is Kona coffee so special?

Kilauea Iki Crater on the big island of hawaii

QUESTION: Why is Kona coffee so special? It’s really expensive and most places don’t even stock it, but I don’t understand what makes it good in the first place. — Howard E

ANSWER: 100 percent Kona coffee can be quite expensive, with some roasts going for $20-30 per pound, and other roasts going for as much as $100 per pound or higher. These prices are incredibly high for coffee, and yet Kona coffee flies off the shelf so quickly that it is often hard to find. But what makes Kona coffee so special? 

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Does Finer Grind Make Stronger Coffee?

coffee beans and different grinds

QUESTION: Does finer grind make stronger coffee? I like my coffee very strong. — Vivian A

ANSWER: Do more finely ground coffee beans will make you a stronger cup of coffee? Not exactly, although your brewed coffee will taste stronger when you grind the coffee more finely. This may seem to be a bit of a contradictory statement, so let us explain what we mean a bit.

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What Are the Four Types of Coffee Beans?

different types of coffee beans

By Erin Marissa Russell

Ready to learn all about the four main types of coffee beans? It seems like the more you delve into the world of coffee, the more there is to learn. From different levels of roast to different preparation methods, there’s a whole world of information that can get you closer to the perfect cup. Here’s a guide to the four main types of coffee beans out there to help you choose the coffee you’re going to enjoy drinking the most.

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Is Espresso Stronger Than Coffee?

coffee and espresso

QUESTION: Is expresso stronger than coffee? My friend says that coffee is actually stronger, but I thought espresso was. — Jerry S

ANSWER: Turns out your friend is correct. A cup of coffee has more caffeine than a shot of espresso. But there’s a lot more to answering this question. Whether you are a student who is staying up all night to cram for an important test, or new parents trying desperately to stay up later than your baby so you can have a little time to yourself, getting the right amount of caffeine is not something you want to leave up to guess work. You need a good burst of energy from caffeine and you need it quickly. We are here to help. 

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