Are There Any Made in USA Coffee Makers?

QUESTION: My family places a lot of importance in making sure everything we buy is made in the USA, but we’re having trouble finding a coffee maker. Any suggestions? — Jessie G.

ANSWER: The list of coffee makers made in the USA is limited. If you’re not into cold brew, the Aeropress and Red Rooster Mason Pour Over are your only real options. If you accept cold brew recommendations, that expands your horizons a bit, but not to a huge list. You’ll find these made in USA coffee makers listed below. 

You’ll get a few more recommendations if you further expand the search to include those manufactured in the USA and not made in the USA. Coffee makers under this designation may include parts made overseas, but they were assembled here in the USA. 


The AeroPress Coffee Maker is exceptionally compact, brewing between one and three cups of coffee or espresso. The brewing process takes about one minute, and cleanup is over in literal seconds. Able also makes a reusable filter for the Aeropress they call the Disk. All components of the AeroPress and the Disk filter are made in the USA. The Aeropress makes a quality cup of coffee or espresso, earning it a place on the kitchen counter, but it’s also travel-worthy enough to simply throw in a bag for camping or a road trip.

Filtron 30L Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewing System

The Filtron 30L Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewing System is made with only a few foreign parts, then it’s assembled in California. The Filtron is a great product for those willing to consider a cold brew setup because it works just as well on the go as it does in the kitchen. Instead of making coffee or espresso, the Filtron makes a cold brew concentrate that you can save up to serve a crowd or serve a cup at a time. The coffee concentrate the Filtron produces has a shelf life of four weeks.

Takeya Cold Brew Maker

Takeya’s 1-quart cold brew coffee maker comes from a company that may be unfamiliar to many coffee aficionados. Takeya is best known for their water bottle business. With their cold brew coffee maker, they’ve focused on structure, boasting a fine-mesh filter to keep coffee grounds where they belong and an airtight, leak-proof lid to keep things fresh.

Toddy Cold Brew System

The Toddy Cold Brew System is a nonelectrical coffee maker that produces a coffee concentrate you can use to make your own drip-style coffee or mix up into your favorite coffee beverages. The Toddy Cold Brew System has been on the market since 1964, and it allows you to make either coffee or tea.

While they didn’t make our list, we’d like to give an honorable mention to the systems below, which are assembled in the USA, but not necessarily made of all USA parts.

  • Bunn BX Speed Brew
  • Bunn BT Velocity Brew
  • Bunn GRB Velocity Brew
  • Bunn Speed Brew (Classic)
  • Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker (mention Able Kone for Chemex and Coffee Sock Reusable Filters)
  • Maldeco Cafe Brew French Press and Pour Over

We’ve introduced you to some of the best options out there when it comes to made in the USA coffee makers. However, don’t forget that you always have the option of finding a foreign-made coffee maker you really love on the secondhand market. When you buy used, your money doesn’t support a lot of the elements that people who buy made in the USA are looking to avoid. Bonus: You’re also helping to promote sustainable environmental practices when you reuse a used machine.

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