What Is the Best Grind for Coffee?

coffee beans in a grinder

by Erin Marissa Russell

What’s the best grind for coffee? It depends on the machine and the type of coffee you want to make. You will find standard recommendations for most types of coffee makers in the section below.

When you’re getting ready to make coffee in a new setup or you’re using a grinder for the first time, you need to know how finely or coarsely to grind the coffee beans you will use. However, there’s no answer to this question that applies to every possible way of making coffee. Instead, each preparation method has a grind size that is recommended. Within those categories, there is sometimes variation from one type of coffee maker to another. 

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Pour Over Coffee Vs. French Press Coffee, Compared

french press coffee

by Matt Gibson

Two fancy coffee making methods — pour over and French press. If you are a coffee drinker who has only had experience drinking coffee made from the standard electric drip coffee machines, it’s about time you graduated to one of these hands on, easy to learn brewing system that will produce a more flavorful cup of coffee. But what’s the difference between pour over and French press? Both pour over systems and French presses are excellent devices for brewing small batches of strong, flavorful coffee that will easily put your old electric drip coffee maker to shame. But they are a little bit different as far as how you make the coffee, and how it tastes.

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Best Small Coffee Urn Options

small coffee urns

Whether you’re having a large meeting or setting up for a conference, or maybe you just are having a group of people over for a party, your guests are often expecting coffee! A small coffee urn is an easy way to handle the situation, because you can make the coffee in advance and not have to do it during the event.

Here are some of our favorite small coffee urns that you should consider for the job.

We consider it to be a coffee urn if it keeps the coffee heated and it also brews coffee. If it’s just a thermal container, we would call that a carafe, dispenser or thermos.

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Is an Expensive Coffee Maker Worth It?

expensive coffee machines

By Matt Gibson

If you are a regular coffee drinker, you are sure to own a household coffee maker of some kind. Some people are okay with making a pitstop on the way to work to buy a cup of coffee, but true coffee drinkers know the value of getting that first cup of joe as soon as they wake up in the morning.

Owning a coffee maker that consistently makes high-quality coffee is important to those that rely on coffee to help them wake up in the morning. Many inexpensive coffee makers fit this role without costing an arm and a leg. However, more expensive coffee machines are available for people who don’t mind investing in their favorite morning ritual. Does the average person who enjoys drinking coffee on a regular basis really need a really expensive machine in order to meet their needs? The answer depends on the type of coffee you prefer, and what you are looking for in a coffee maker. 

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What Coffee Is Best for Beginners?

coffee cups with latte art

QUESTION: What coffee is best for beginners? I tried one of those dark roast Sumatra coffees at Starbucks and it was just too bitter and kind of gross. – Alica R

ANSWER: When you’re just getting started drinking coffee, there’s so much to learn that just buying some coffee beans to try out can be intimidating. And there are some things that practiced coffee drinkers enjoy that aren’t so appealing to a beginner. Whether you’re just learning about coffee yourself or looking for a gift for a beginning coffee drinker, here are some tips to give you ideas about what to avoid and what to choose.

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What Are the Five Elements of Tasting Coffee?

coffee tasting and taking notes

by Matt Gibson

There are five different elements to the taste of coffee, which are aroma, flavor, acidity, body, and aftertaste. Just like fancy wine tastings, sophisticated coffee drinkers practice coffee tasting, or cupping, to understand the complexities of high-quality coffees beyond the surface level. Coffee tasting is not something that should be practiced on generic coffees like folgers, or maxwell house, but if you like trying out fancy, high end coffee beans, and really enjoy brewing exceptional joe, learning about coffee tasting is the next step towards truly enjoying coffee and understanding how to analyze the way a good coffee can affect your palette. 

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What Is Different About Pour Over Coffee?

pour over coffee set up

QUESTION: What’s different about pour over coffee? I don’t get it. Doesn’t a coffee machine do the same thing? — Eddy H

ANSWER: If you are a coffee drinker, you are most likely familiar with the common electric drip coffee machine that brews coffee quickly and easily. Most electric drip coffee machines are super affordable and especially easy to use. Just plug it in, put in a filter, add ground coffee beans, fill the reservoir with water, and turn the machine on, and in just a few minutes, your coffee is ready. Inside the machine, a heating element heats up your water to the correct temperature. The water travels through the tubing and drips into the filter basket where it flows through the coffee grounds, absorbing their flavor and caffeine, as it travels through the grounds and into your coffee pot. 

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What Size Grind Is Best for Pour Over Coffee?

coffee grinder and beans

QUESTION: What size grind is best for pour over coffee? I’m just getting into it and I want it to taste good so it’s worth the trouble. — Leonard S

ANSWER: Nothing compares to a cup of coffee made in a pour over setup with coffee beans you’ve ground yourself just moments before brewing, so we understand why you’ve gotten interested in pour over coffee! And the grind matters. How coarsely or finely you grind your coffee beans can either tweak your brew to make it exactly what you’re looking for or completely ruin what could have been an excellent cup of coffee. Most of the time you’re going to do best with a medium course grind, but keep reading to learn about which size grind is recommended for some specific pour over machines, as well as how adjusting the grind will affect the coffee you make.

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